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APRIL 2018
22 April 10:00-14:00 (GMT), Andover Rally, Wildhern Village Hall click
25 April 20:00-21:30 (BST), Talk by Don Field G3XTT on Practical Wireless magazine. , The Travellers Friend, Crookham Common click
26 April 20:00-21:30 Local, 80m CC DATA click
MAY 2018
7 May 20:00-21:30 Local, 80m CC SSB click
16 May 20:00-21:30 Local, 80m CC DATA click
23 May 19:30 (BST), AGM: All members are urged to attend, to listen to the Reports from the various committee members. This is your opportunity to ask questions and get answers to all aspects of the club and how it is run. , The Travellers Friend, Crookham Common click
24 May 20:00-21:30 Local, 80m CC CW click
JUNE 2018
2 June to 3 June 16:00-16:00 Local, NFD click
4 June 20:00-21:30 Local, 80m CC DATA click
6 June 19:30 (BST), NADARS Committee Meeting, NWN Offices
13 June 20:00-21:30 Local, 80m CC CW click
23 June 10:00-13:00 (BST), 10:00hr NADARS Members ONLY - Set up the showground for the Newbury Radio Rally (bring a club hammer or similar !). NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC or TRADERS on SATURDAY
24 June 09:00-15:30 (BST), Newbury Radio Rally (NEW DATE), Newbury Showground. Next to jcn 13 of M4 motorway click
28 June 20:00-21:30 Local, 80m CC SSB click
JULY 2018
2 July 20:00-21:30 Local, 80m CC CW click
11 July 20:00-21:30 Local, 80m CC SSB click
21 July 17:00-21:30 (BST), NADARS Summer BBQ: All members, family and friends are welcome, at the QTH of G4DOQ
22 July 10:00-17:00 Local, Low Power Contest click
26 July 20:00-21:30 Local, 80m CC DATA click
28 July to 29 July 13:00-13:00 Local, IOTA Contest click
21 August 19:30 (GMT), Video presentation by Dr Joe Taylor K1JT on his Data Modes including JT65, WSPR and FT8. , The Travellers Friend click
1 September to 2 September 14:00-14:00 Local, SSB Field Day click
10 September 20:00-21:30 Local, Autumn Series SSB click
12 September 19:30 (BST), NADARS Committee Meeting, NWN Offices
19 September 20:00-21:30 Local, Autumn Series CW click
26 September 19:30 (BST), 'Using Logprint for your QSLs' - A presentation by NADARS member Rob, G4LMW, Traveller's Friend click
27 September 20:00-21:30 Local, Autumn Series DATA click
7 October to 8 October 06:00-00:00 Local, DX Contest click
8 October 20:00-21:30 Local, Autumn Series CW click
17 October 20:00-21:30 Local, Autumn Series DATA click
21 October 20:00-21:30 Local, RoLo CW click
25 October 20:00-21:30 Local, Autumn Series SSB click
10 November 20:00-23:00 Local, Club Calls (1.8MHz AFS) click
12 November 20:00-21:30 Local, Autumn Series DATA click
17 November 19:00-23:00 (GMT), 2nd 1.8MHz - CW click
21 November 20:00-21:30 Local, Autumn Series SSB click
29 November 20:00-21:30 Local, Autumn Series CW click

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