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Internet Linking

Internet Linking is still a controversial method of Operation.

The first question is 'Is it Amateur Radio?' Well, yes and no, if you are using a Radio Link then it probably is, however if you are using voice over the internet, then it probably isn't.

The various systems in use allow a Amateur to down load a piece of software on to his computer and link a Radio Transceiver to his computer via a Hardware Interface. (A Notice of Variation to your licence issued by the RA is required) However both eQSO and Echolink also allow Voice over Internet operation,  no Notice of Variation is required. Plug a microphone into your PC load either Echolink or Eqso and a list of current users is displayed. Echolink differs from eQSO in that you must register  to use the system and prove you a Licensed Amateur. eQSO has no registration and may be used by SWL's, however the system is effectively policed and has a very efficient banning system to prevent abuse. Links are provided below to the various websites if you wish to carryout research into this method of operation.

To use the system from your PC you will need to download an application from one of the websites below.

EchoLink (Internet Radio Linking Software)
To see what links & repeaters are currently on the EchoLink system, click here 

IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project)
To see who's currently on the IRLP system, click here.

N.B. If you intend to run an Internet gateway, a hardware interface and official Notice Of Variation (N.O.V.) are also required.


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