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How to calculate your IARU Locator Square


Find out what you correct postcode is. If you don't know your postcode use the postcode finder at

Enter your postcode in the post code box at

At the bottom of the map it will give you your Longitude/Latitude.

Go to the Amsat UK website and access their Long/Lat to IARU Locator Converter which will calculate your IARU locator and display it.


WAB Square

To work out your Worked All Britain Square look at the LR reference number given on

Click on convert coordinates and a table will be displayed.

In the Table on the left hand column look for the characters LR next to them you will see a Alpha numeric sequence similar to this one - SU507670

The Worked All Britain reference is formed by the two Letters and the first and fourth numbers.

In this case the WAB Square will be SU56.


Locator Calculator

Click here to use the NGR to IARU Locator written by Neill Taylor G4HLX


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