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Contesting & Contesting Activities


Interested in Contesting?  - NADARS enters many contest each year including IOTA, NFD and VHF FD.


How do I start?

Contests occur most weekends, They vary from National Society to International Contest. If you want to find out what contests are on click on the Contesting Link and follow the links provided to two of the Contest Listing sites. Read the rules and listen for a while for the exchanges. It is a good way to work new countries as all stations will want to work you for the extra points . Look out for club organised contests and come along and help/operate.




Club Contest Activities

Club members often set-up an Amateur Radio station in a field using our 100ft trailer mounted tower and club antennas. Competing in contests is one aspect of the hobby that brings members together at weekends. Several Hundred Stations are worked over the course of each contest.

RSGB HF Contest Calendar

RSGB VHF Contest Calendar


WA7BNM's 8-Day Contest Calendar

Many Club Members enter the RSGB 80m Club Championships. In recognition of the individual entries to  certificates are presented to each member entering and the leading stations at Advanced, Intermediate and Foundation License levels are presented with a Trophy. In 2004 NADARS achieved second place due to the efforts of the members.

Islands On The Air

The G7N  IOTA Station

The Club enters the RSGB Islands on the Air Contest from the Isle of Wight Each Year. The IOTA Contest is one of the main events in the Club's Contest Calendar. It is a major logistical exercise to enter, with all the equipment having to be taken to the Contest Site on the Isle of Wight Ferries.

Islands on the Air (IOTA)


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